Cheryl Caron, Raleigh Photojournalist

About Me

Perhaps you can tell from the images here in my galleries that people are my favorite subject. I am interested in people, their relationship with each other and with their environment.

I love how a single image can communicate a story or relationship. I love the quiet interaction of people, the unguarded moment a person steals away in thought, and the way light creates mood. I look for images that are honest and real.

I am so thankful for the life I get to share with my family and friends and for every opportunity to meet new people and explore new places. For a few years, my husband and I lived on a small sailboat cruising the US eastern seaboard and throughout the West Indies to Trinidad photographing the life and the people. Another adventure took me to photograph some of the needs in coastal Peru. There is a need almost everywhere to find images that call us to action. This is my passion.

I have worked as an independent assignment photographer for twenty years, as well as a freelance photojournalist for newspapers in North Carolina. My clients have included Universities, ad agencies, corporations, non-profit organizations and NGO's.

If you are looking for a photographer for an assignment I hope you will call or email me.

Cheryl Caron

I love rainy days, sunny days, sandy beaches, the sea and photography.

Cheryl Caron is a Raleigh based Editorial Photographer.